Smart Toilet

Generally a toilet has a very basic function, which is to provide a place for human waste. Some people may want some bells and whistles to go with their toilet. This is when the smart toilet comes in. A smart toilet has many different features including heated seats, automatic flushes, cleaning properties, sound module, air purifier and even a spotlight in the toilet bowl. The battle of the toilet lid is over, as the smart toilet automatically closes the lid after use.

There are different variations of smart toilets, each with their own unique set of features. A popular smart toilet is the

href="" target="_blank">Satis which comes in at just over $4000. It is a Japanese-made smart toilet that is widely popular for those that can afford it, but it is susceptible to cyber-attacks. A cyber-attack while on the toilet may sound farfetched, but you would not want a surprise while you are on the toilet. If the toilet you are using is under attack you may find yourself the victim of a toilet lid closing on you or water being sprayed sporadically.

The Kohler Numi toilet is another smart toilet that leaves little left up to the user. Not only is it striking and futuristic looking from the exterior it also has many features that perform. Some of the features and functions that the Numi toilet boasts include an air dryer, a heated seat, foot warmer, music, bidet, motion activated seat and light up panels. Not only does the Numi toilet have all of these features, it also comes with a touchscreen remote control which allows you to set your own user pre-sets. The remote comes with a magnetic docking station so that it is always charged. It also uses its own flushing technology that reserves water so that it can be environmentally friendly.

Smart toilets are part of the future, and if you are willing to shell out some money you too can own one. The price varies considerably based upon functions and brand name. Make sure to research smart toilets so that you will be impressed with your toilet’s performance.