Self Driving Cars

Cars are one of the most common ways of traveling, with each new car model that is released showcasing the latest in technology including media, GPS and safety features. Cars are becoming a lot safer because they now can maneuver and drive themselves. These cars are referred to as self-driving (autonomous) cars that can help to prevent accidents and unsafe driving.

The idea of the self-driving car began back in the 1920s. These cars were a forward type of thinking that were considered futuristic. Many car manufacturers have devoted a lot of time, research and money to further explore the possibility of autonomous cars beginning in the 1980s.

Nissan, Bosch, General Motors, Mercedes and more have all worked towards the goal of a safe and realistic self-driving car.

Google has introduced an innovative self-driving car called the Google Self-driving car. The software that Google has made to power the Google self-driving car is named Google Chauffeur. These cars use a laser beam which guides the vehicles along a detailed 3D map of its surroundings. The data that the car produces from its surroundings gives it the information it requires to drive itself. Currently there are over ten test cars including a Toyota and Audi. These cars also rely on radar, GPS and stored computer data to figure out the ways of the road.

A few U.S states have passed laws including Nevada and Florida which allow for self-driving cars on public roads. There may be certain stipulations and regulations depending on the State, including having a person driver in the driver’s seat at all times. These cars are set to drive at a stored speed from the maps application. These cars have no immediate plans to be released to the commercial market as they are still in a testing situation. Yet this type of transportation is the way of the future, in order to create a driving environment that is safer for all those traveling. Google has plans to create self-driving taxi-like vehicles that will be a new type of transportation for the general public.

Self-driving cars may be the way of the future, but it may take longer than one might think for this type of vehicle to be available on the commercial market. When these vehicles do become common place the whole experience of driving will be completely revolutionized.