Micro Induction Heating

The way that humans heat their food has come a long way. The days of having an open fire as the primary source of heat is long gone, now saved for times of camping. A fire is no longer out of necessity to cooking, but to set ambiance and maybe roast some marshmallows. Now we have many different options when it comes to heating our food, whether it be the oven, stove top, microwave, or induction heating.

Micro induction heating works just like induction cooking, but on a much smaller scale. This allows induction heating to take place when and where you need it.

It also allows the technology of micro induction heating to become portable and go with you for occasions like camping and traveling.

Micro induction has become a lot more convenient and portable with the introduction of products like the Snail. The Snail is a micro induction heating system made by Electrolux. It was first introduced to the Electrolux design lab in 2010. This small device uses a high density sugar crystal battery for energy. It then uses the power to conduct magnetic induction. It has many easy-to-use features that make it user-friendly and practical. This nifty heater includes built in sensors that can detect the size and type of food you are heating. The device than automatically adjusts its temperature and timer. The user interface is touchscreen and clutter-free.

The Snail is so small it is about the size of a smartphone. It looks futuristic, with the unique design adding to it’s cool factor. The Snail is not available for purchase, but it does show where technology is the way that we cook our food is headed. Micro induction cooking is still being fined tuned so that the technology will be as safe and as practical as possible when it hits the market fully. Prices for micro induction heaters will be set higher than electric-based heaters because of the technology involved.

If you are someone that lives in a small space or likes to camp, RV or cottage make sure to check out the offerings for what is new in portable heating so that you can get the most out of your appliance.