Induction Cooking

Induction cooking works by having the item being heated coming from induction heating rather than from heat transfer. The item being heated is usually made of some sort of metal like iron or steel. Induction cooking works properly when a copper coil is placed underneath the cooking object to heat it up. This creates a magnetic field which includes electric current to the cooking object.

Induction cooking is increasing in popularity for many reasons, including that it is energy-efficient, especially in comparison to traditional stove tops that use an electric cooking surface. It is similar to the way that gas stoves work in the instant control of temperature and heating power.

The electromagnetic field offers greater efficiency and control for the user.

Induction cooking is not completely new to homeowners, as it has been used since the 1980s. The way that induction cook-tops are being designed and programmed is changing though, with many features being added to make cooking easier and faster. There are many pros to using an induction cooker (cook-top), firstly because it is safer than most conventional cooking measures out there. The pan and the cooking surface will be the same temperature, eliminating a high waste of heat and energy. It also prevents food and liquids from getting crusted on to the cook-top if they should spill, because the cook-top is not heated. The heat is only generated when there is cookware on top of the surface – this turns off burners instantly. It is also generally easier to clean and use an induction cook-top. This is because of the lack of raised burners, dials and grooves. It is also easier to use because it does not need you to remember to turn it on and off; simply get your ingredients prepared in an piece of induction cookware and you are all set.

Many kitchen appliance makers have come up with their own variation of induction cook-tops. GE’s line of induction cook-tops is called GE Profiles Series. There are a few different models with the largest difference being the size of the cook-tops and the amount of cook spaces available. When purchasing an induction cook-top it is important to look at the energy requirements as many have specific energy requirements such as a 50-amp circuit.

Samsung also has freestanding fill induction cook-top services that are also the oven. These are great for those who are not looking to remodel their kitchen, but still want to update their appliances. Samsung’s induction stoves allow for the cook to have control over the technology including the control of the cook-top. It also comes with sensors and a large cook zone space for larger pans.

The prices for induction cooking models vary drastically, depending on what you are getting and the size of the unit. Induction cook-tops are generally more expensive than gas or electric, but that is because you are getting cutting edge technology that is more efficient and easier to care for.