In-sink Dishwashers

A dishwasher is a handy appliance in any kitchen because it takes most of the labor out of getting dishes clean and dry. Standard dishwashers appear in many homes and have been around for at almost 30 years. Dishwashers wash and dry dishes quickly and with very little effort. Dishwashers have really helped to take the labor out of one of a household’s never ending chores – doing the dishes. Now that dishwashers have become a standard fixture in many homes, it is important for companies to try to differentiate and add special features to make their appliances have an edge on the competition.

Newer dishwashers have helped to disguise the look of the dishwasher by making them directly part of the kitchen sink.

The in-sink dishwasher works just the way it sounds. Instead of having two completely separate units for washing your dishes – the sink and the dishwasher- you now have the cleaning power of both located in the same place. Now there is an ease of motion in the way that you clean you dishes, eliminating the need to transport dishes from one area in your kitchen to another to be cleaned. This is also a great option if you are short on space in the kitchen, and need to use every square inch effectively to properly utilize your space. This option also works well for those living in condos, shared living spaces or apartments.

A few market leaders in kitchen appliances have begun to enter a variety of different models of dishwashers for those living in all different kinds of dwellings including industrial-sized, compact, stand-alone and portable.

The KITCHENAID KDIX 8810 in-sink dishwasher was a great option for those who liked to cook, but did not like to clean. It created an easy and effortless way to clean not only the dishes you used during dinner, but also the dishes that you used to create the meal. Glassware, cooking utensils, cutlery and more can all be washed in the appliance which fits just inside the sink. If you needed sink space you can open one side in order to still have the functionality of the sink while using the dishwasher. If you needed more counter space you can simply close the dishwasher and it sets up a workable level surface. Unfortunately this model has been discontinued, but don’t think that in-sink dishwashers have disappeared, they are just being rejigged to perform better.

The price for an in-sink dishwasher may make your jaw drop before it prompts you to open up your wallet. Many in-sink dishwashers can cost upwards of $1000, making them an investment appliance that you will have to save up for. If the in-sink dishwasher doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can also try some of the other variations of the standard dishwasher. There are many different variations of the standard dishwasher including the L shape dishwasher, countertop models and portable dishwashers that connect to the sink only while in use. No matter what your dish-washing needs are, with the way technology is going you are sure to find one the works for you.