Eye Wear

Glasses that change the way you see the world? No it is not just a new glasses prescription, but new technology that is aiding and changing the way we view the world and everything in it.

Google Glass is a wearable computer device that looks very similar to regular eye glasses except that it functions completely different. The whole idea behind Google Glass is to make a computer device that is discreet and easy to use at any time. Google Glass does just that because they provide four different frame choices from Luxottica, a large eyewear company. Google Glass displays information on the screen of the glasses so that the user no longer has to seek their smart phone or computer to find out certain types of information.

Google Glass was developed by Google X, a division of Google, who were challenged to create a slim optical head-mounted display. Google Glass has many different features including a camera that records video in 720 p. It also makes use of a touch pad that is located on the side of the glasses. This lets the user change the information that they see on the screen, with a very user-friendly interface. The information that may be shown on the screen includes the weather, photos, calls, events, Google-related applications (G-mail, Google+), and other applications that the user chooses.

Google Glass is not only controlled by touch, but through voice activations as well. Based on head movements, the device will ‘listen’ and follow the user’s instructions. Some of the common commands that a user can perform with Google Glass includes answering calls, taking photos, asking internet search related questions and even social media hangouts.

The price of Google Glass has not yet been determined because the consumer edition has not yet hit the market. It is hoped by Google that this product will become the next smartphone in popularity, changing the ways in which people interact with their technology.  Currently the Explorer edition is available for sale, but it is being sold by private sellers on eBay, and it will cost you upwards of $1500.

With innovative designers and engineers creating products that are wearable, integrated and user-friendly, get ready to view the world differently.