Eye Scanning

Eyes that can help navigate to what your brain wants to see may sound like something out of the future, but it is actually right around the corner. Eye scanning is a new technological feat that makes a person’s eyes be the major navigational tool whether it be for a device, to read or to control the technology.

The Eye Tribe is a company that is committed to creating affordable eye tracking devices for anyone and everyone. It is a Danish start-up company that wants their devices to be used throughout the world. No longer do you have to be wealthy or connected to have access to the latest and greatest technology, because of private funding, public fundraising and kick-starters.

People who believe in the technology will back it, donating money so that research and product development can be done.

Eye tracking works to enable users to use their gaze to control what they navigate to. The screen is made up of coordinates which allows the users to move their eyes on the screen. The process begins with the user having a calibration of their eyes and facial features so that the technology knows how to identify that specific person’s face and eye movements. Users can be active for things such as web browsing, and control a device game and applications. The Eye Tribe Tracker is also employed to collect data when the user is in front of different things like commercials and websites. This can allow the data collected to recreate and structure the design and interface to a way humans will appreciate it more.

Eye tracking devices and software has been widely received, with many of the first models being sold out. The Eye Tribe Tracker is available for under $100, which is extremely reasonably priced considering the type of technology that it uses. Eye Tribe is very versatile and can be used for gaming, working, browsing the web and even reading long documents.

Eye tracking is certainly something that not only technology enthusiasts should keep track of, but anyone who is looking for an easier way to do things. Once eye tracking capabilities have fully developed, the possibilities of how it changes and helps to shape our technological reality are endless.