Car Stopping Air Bags

Air bags can help to save lives in the case of a car accident. As technology advances so are the safety features that are found in cars. In the case of an accident, speed can be a very important factor. The increase in speed also increases the likelihood injury and loss of life in the case of an accident. That is why car stopping air bags are at the cutting edge of car safety features.

There are many different types of airbags currently available in cars including curtain airbags, seat belt airbags, undercarriage airbags, and side airbags all to keep us protected.

The automotive industry is working on a new type of car stopping air bag that may change the way that safety and motion work with each other.

Mercedes is working to create airbags that are located underneath the car that will actually help to stop a vehicle before it crashes. It is commonly referred to as the ‘braking bag’. If impact is deemed inevitable, the car’s safety sensors will send a message for the car stopping air bags to deploy. These air bags have a coating on them that has embedded texture to create friction on it which slows the vehicle down. This mechanism helps to increase stopping power up to twice the power of a normal stop. These bags not only deploy and help increase breaking power; they also lift the vehicle up 8 cm. This prevents passengers from sliding from under their seat belts by improving bumper to bumper contact. Like many new features, especially involving safety, this airbag will continue to undergo testing until it is deemed passable for use on everyday motor vehicles.

The technology for the automotive industry is encouraging, especially because it is focused on making traveling safer and easier for drivers. Once car stopping air bags have been approved for use, they may become one of the standard safety features found of many different vehicle brands and models, which helps to make others on the road safer as well.

Make sure to keep yourself educated and up-to-date on car safety and the technology involved so that you can make sure that your car is current and safe. The future of cars and their features is exciting because it is all about the overall driving experience.