Refrigerators are responsible for keeping perishable products fresh, keeping food and drinks cold, and keeping food at a safe temperature to eat. Many refrigerators also house a freezer, crisper and ice cube maker. Refrigerators have recently undergone a physical transformation, from white or black to sleek stainless steel and glass.

General Electric has always been a leader in kitchen appliances, taking the existing bar and raising it. Their new smart fridge called General Electric’s Café,  not only cools your food and keeps it fresh it can always dispose filtered hot water to a chosen preset. Isn’t that pretty cool for those coffee lovers who wake up and needed their coffee yesterday? It is also great for cooking and heating up your baby’s bottles in less than two minutes.

This smart fridge also has great temperature controls, uses energy efficiently and has lots of storage space. It will cost a ‘little’ more than an average fridge, at $4000.

Samsung also has introduced a whole new way that people view kitchen appliances, as no longer a place to cook food, but also to integrate the whole home’s functionality and how to integrate it to make it work together smartly. The Samsung T9000 is a four door fridge that has loads of storage capacity. It has a 10 inch LCD screen that has many different applications including scheduling apps, calendar and weather on it. Long gone is the need for a calendar to schedule your family’s busy life because you can now program it directly into the fridge. The Samsung T9000 fridge is an investment though at $4600.

Fridges in the future may include whole new ways in which our food is cooled and stored. The exterior look of the fridge may drastically change, with some designers making it appear to be hidden into the cabinetry of the kitchen and others creating a focal point with bright colors and unique design elements. Electrolux has come up with a gel fridge concept that completely changes the way that users interact and store their food within the fridge. The fridge is completely void of having shelves or compartments, rather it has a green gel that is odorless and non-sticky. In the green gel you can place and cool your food easily and differently.

Fridge manufacturers are working to research and create new ways of cooling, storing and interacting with one of the most common household appliances, the fridge.