3D Printers

Many people are familiar with computer printers being able to spurt out crisp colorful images easily. Yet there is a major shift in the way people see printers because they are available to do a lot more than just print off 1D images onto paper. 3D printers are able to create 3D objects which are a great tool in prototype development and engineering. 3D printers are more commonly used by industries that require it for design and architectural prototypes including engineering, automotive, dental, medical, fashion, food and more.

3D printers work using an additive process. This means that layers of materials are laid down resulting in different forms and shapes.

It works by having a computer control and command the printer as to what to make. As of now, 3D printers have been introduced to commercial markets but are quite expensive. The future may lead to 3D printers being owned in the average American household, just like paper printers are there now.

MakerBot creates a wide range of 3D printers for a variety of different prototype and design purposes. One of their most popular printers is the MakerBot Replicator Mini. This printer can do many things including helping you to unleash your creativity by crafting in 3D. Some of the cool products you can make include household kitchen utensils and small parts. You can also choose the color, texture and form of your liking. Now not every person is going to require a 3D printer, especially priced at over $1000, but if you want to create and design, then this is the printer for you.

The Cube 3D printer is a wonder in design and function. It is intended for the modern home office, to help you to print what you wear, use and decorate with. This 3D printer has more than 20 colors, which can be mixed and matched. You can also control this printer from the ease of your smart phone by installing the Cubify app. The Cube 3D printer also features a touchscreen user interface that is faster than most other 3D printers. This printer is also durable and easy to use, with children as young as 8 being able to operate it. It is priced at just over $1200.

The future of printing is changing – and rapidly. Conventional printers may become a thing of the past with companies and home wonders choosing to get a multifunctional printer that does more, like a 3D printer. With the prices of many 3D printers still set at over $1000 it may be some time before they become a household necessity.